2017: Another Giant Step Forward

GCE has big plans for 2017. We invite you to be a part of them.

Our biggest goal is to add Grades 11 and 12 – “College” or “+2” in the Nepal system – to The Baladevi Secondary School as we announced in the last Supporter Update (Let’s Move the Mountain to the Students).

As always, 2017 contains projects related to the school facilities: we will finish the reconstruction of the earthquake-destroyed Devisthan Primary School, repaint Patalini Primary inside and out, and our libraries are ready for a fresh dose of new books.

More photos of Devisthan reconstruction here.
GCE will also assist our schools in the enhancement of the education experience for our 700 (exactly!) current students. We will undertake programs to increase the English conversational skills of our students – vital for higher education. We are investigating additional resources for the Baladevi computer lab and are exploring moving technology into the classroom (what a long way we’ve come!).

Our Scholarship Program has 19 students in 2017, including our first two University Scholars. With the addition of college to Baladevi, we can concentrate on university and technical college scholarships. We want our kids in higher education!




GCE has made such terrific progress because of the generosity of our supporters. Can you help us ring in 2017 with a gift that will help fulfill GCE’s mission to make the world just a little bit better place through the magic of education?

We used to worry about proper desks, roofs, walls, and pencils.
Now we worry about technology.

Progress is a wonderful thing!

Thank You for Partnering with GCE:

You are Impacting Lives