Why a Gift to GCE Matters


A gift to GCE impacts lives. For eleven years GCE has worked to educate children while respecting every penny entrusted to us by our donors. Our results, and the progress our communities have made, tell the story.


  • 700 students (exactly!) currently attending GCE’s four schools
  • Approximately 1,500 students educated since first class in 2006
  • 19 College Scholarship Recipients (Grades 11 & 12)
  • 2 University Scholars attending Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu (our first)
  • The girls are shining: our top students now tend to be girls







When GCE started, we were worried about getting kids into a classroom with a desk, book, pencil, and paper. Now we are concerned about whether the computer lab can be improved, if they need any equipment for the science lab, sufficient library books, English conversation skills, and teaching our Scholarship Recipients how to use email. Progress is a wonderful thing.








  • GCE has built four schools each for a fraction of the costs of official government budgets and the costs we know other NGO’s have spent.
  • 100% of donations received go to our projects: 0% to overhead, 0% to administration, 0% to fundraising costs.
  • GCE’s projects are partnerships with our communities. This not only lowers costs, but creates a sense of ownership.

Thank You for Partnering with GCE:

You are Impacting Lives