GCE provides two scholarship programs for exceptionally bright and eager students:

GCE Higher Education Scholarship Program

Since 2014, GCE Donors have sponsored XX students to attend Grades 11 and 12 (higher education levels in Nepal). GCE donors have also sponsored students to attend college in Kathmandu.

Putting a student through higher education an unbelievable bargain in Nepal: a donation of less than $85 a month covers all tuition, fees, book, and other educational related expenses for the school year.

GCE University Scholarship Program

GCE inaugurated its University Scholarship Program in 2016 with the matriculation of three bright girls. Since then, GCE Donors have sponsored XX university students.

University costs are affordable: our university sponsorships currently range from $125 per month to $158 per month to sponsor a student for a full academic year.