Our Philosophy

GCE was founded on the belief that education is the key to a more empowered, tolerant, and peaceful world. We operate with a philosophy of partnering and investing, not creating dependency through charity.

The Global Community for Education

is a grassroots organization dedicated to furthering education in those parts of the world where the community simply has no resources to provide education. GCE does not provide charity, it invests in people who are willing to work for the betterment of their children and their communities. Our investments yield not dollars, but a more educated, better world. 100% of donations received go directly to our projects – all administrative, fundraising, and other costs are paid personally by GCE Founder Don Wilks or provided by corporate donors.

One idea. One obstacle. Many lives changed.

It all started with a trek to Mt. Everest in 2000, an investment in a young man’s education, and his dream to “pay it forward” by building a primary school in remote Khari, Nepal. Now, hundreds of educated children later, there is the Global Community for Education.
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Meet Don, Tanka & the Leadership Team

Founder Don Wilks and Tanka Kapri, Nepal Country Director, are linked through a chance encounter that changed both of their lives. Collaborating across continents, their very different life experiences and complementary skills have allowed the Global Community for Education to thrive under careful management.
Leadership Team