Health, Hygiene, and Environmental Educational Program

The knowledge about hygiene in Asia is not nearly what it is in the developed world, and many of the health and environmental problems of these societies are directly related to poor hygiene. Fix the hygiene and you fix many of the health and environmental problems.

How does one fix the poor hygiene? Education. It is teaching how soap works, why rinsing is not the same as washing, why animal feces and cockroaches lead to illness, why one should brush your teeth after meals, and why the trash thrown in the river is a problem. GCE is an educational foundation whose charter specifically includes the ability to assist in such educational programs.

We envision a program in which training is first conducted in the schools with the children. When the children understand the need for proper hygiene and the impact pollution has on the environment and their health, they will participate in evening seminars with the adults of the community. We think this is education that is way past due.