GCE Higher Education Scholarship Program

In Nepal, public school ends with Grade 10; Grades 11 and 12 are considered higher education, what they call “College” or “+2”. When our flagship school, The Baladevi Secondary School, graduated its first Grade 10 class in 2014, GCE inaugurated its Higher Education Scholarship Program, long on GCE’s drawing board. We sent four exceptionally bright, eager students to College in Kathmandu. Every year since then, GCE has worked with GCE’s Country Director and the Baladevi faculty to select four to six students to attend college in Kathmandu

Just as we grew the schools to meet the needs of growing students, we expanded the Higher Education Scholarship Program as students grew out of their schools. In 2016, we sent our first two College Graduates to University. Our Scholars now include numerous University graduates, a Master’s Degree graduate, and soon a Medical School graduate: a GCE doctor! Read more here.

GCE’s Higher Education Scholarship Program is only possible because of our incredible benefactors: GCE’s Scholarship Sponsors. Higher education is a bargain in Nepal: we offer Sponsorships at our average annual cost of only $600 per year for College (Grade 11-12) and only $950 per year for a University Student. These amounts cover all tuition, fees, book, and other educational related expenses, including room and board if no family is near the selected campus.

You can change a young person’s life with the gift of higher education by becoming a GCE Higher Education Scholarship Sponsor. You can sponsor a College Scholar for only $600 per year and a University Scholar for only $950 per year. Your gift can be made in monthly payments. Just click here to get started, and we will soon assign you a GCE Scholar and provide you with regular updates and photos of your student.

In 2023, GCE partnered with Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School –a 1-2 hour walk away from our students’ homes – that began offering College classes. Our philosophy: any student that wants to walk “up the hill” to Tripura Sundari will get an education. Costs are incredibly reasonable for a local education; in our inaugural year, we provided funding for 105 Grade 11 and 12 College students at Tripura Sundari.

Tanka Kapri, GCE’s Country Director, is working with the school to increase the quality of the College teachers and educational environment so that it may someday rival a Kathmandu school. We are very excited about this program, will participate in it, and will keep our supporters updated as things progress.

A Few GCE Scholarship Recipients