In 2014, GCE inaugurated its first Higher Education Scholarship Program. In Nepal, higher education, or “+2” begins with Grade 11, and when Baladevi graduated its first Grade 10 class, there were several exceptionally bright, eager students that needed to continue their education. This was the motivation to begin a scholarship program long on GCE’s drawing board.

GCE donors have sponsored up to four students each year to attend college in Kathmandu. Putting a student into college is an unbelievable bargain in Nepal: less than US $1,000 per year covers all tuition, fees, book, and other educational related expenses. If no family is near the selected college, room and board is covered at a cost of less than US $600 per year. GCE also provides “local” scholarships for as many as six students to attend a school with Grades 11 & 12 that is a 1-2 hour walk away.

We are now transforming Baladevi Secondary School into a College with the addition of Grades 11 & 12 so that ALL of Baladevi’s graduates have the opportunity for higher education.

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In 2016, GCE inaugurated its University Scholarship Program with the matriculation of two bright girls to Tribuhuvan University and one girl into a Medical Assistant program. University costs are affordable also: our university sponsorships currently range from US $1,500 to $1,900 per year. We view these university scholars as a major step forward for our communities and Nepal and a logical and necessary extension of the GCE mission to further the education of young people.

University Scholarship Program

GCE Scholarship Recipients