Computer Labs

GCE has invested in computer labs for The Patalini Primary School and The Baladevi School. A lab existed at Patalini, but all four of their machines were ready for the technology museum (and running Windows 95!). The Baladevi School sits in a remote part of Nepal that received electricity in 2015 – so it was time for some technology!

We believe technology is a vital part of a child’s education, and like India, may be a way for Nepal to find some prosperity. GCE is monitoring these technology programs and will continue to work with the school management and faculty to maximize their benefit.

Capital Improvements & Major Maintenance

Every year, GCE allocates funds to improve our schools and keep them vibrant. Over the years we have conducted numerous capital improvement projects such as fencing & gates, furniture, and a roof retrofit. We also help each School Management Committee with major maintenance projects, principally painting to keep the schools looking fresh.